School Day

Time Day Pupils Day Pupils Boarding Pupils* Choristers
  Nursery-Year 2 Years 3-8 Years 4-8  
7.05am     Instrumental Practice
7.35am     Breakfast
8.00am Early Morning Care (not for Nursery) School open  
8.15am School opens Registration for Years 3 to 8 Chorister rehearsal
8.30am Registration for Reception, Years 1&2 Choir Practice or Form time  
8.50am Morning Nursery begins Assembly, House Meetings or PSHE  
9.10am   Period 1
10.10am   Period 2
11.05-11.35am   Break and Snack
11.45am Morning Nursery ends      
11.50am Lunch - Reception to Year 2  
11.40am   Period 3a
12.20pm   Period 3b
12.50pm Afternoon Nursery begins  
1.00pm Lessons resume for Reception, Years 1&2      
12.55-1.50pm   Lunch - Years 3 - 8
1.50pm   Afternoon Registration
2.00pm   Period 4
3.00-3.55pm   Period 5
3.10pm Reception ends  
3.20pm Year 1 ends  
3.30pm Afternoon Nursery/Year 2 ends  
3.30-5.45pm After School Care available   
3.55pm   Years 3-8 ends/Snack
4.10-5.00pm   Early Prep/Activities Choristers rehearse
5.15-6.00pm       Evensong
5.00-5.45pm   Late Prep/Activities  
5.45pm End of After School Care End of school  
6.00pm     Supper
6.30pm     Prep/instrumental practice
7.00pm     Junior activities
7.30pm     Senior activities
8.00pm     Boarding House
8.30-9.00pm     Staggered bedtimes

* Weekly and Flexi Boarding are available from Year 4 to Year 8.

The school year is divided into three terms, each with a half term holiday.

Forward dates are published at the back of the School Diary and on the school website.