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23rd April Term starts
23rd May Half-term
2nd June Term resumes
11th July Term ends

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St George's School - Windsor Castle




Mathematics is an exciting and rewarding subject to teach within a school. It is also a key subject that has a number of cross-curricular links that we, as a school, try to foster throughout a child's time with us. Importantly, in this current life style we are including a great deal more computer based work that the children can access at home. The way in which the children learn is extremely important and thus the Mathematics Department complies fully with all the aspects and expectations of the school Assessment, Marking and Curriculum Policy.

We aim to set challenging targets with high expectations for all pupils and as a result enter a number of external mathematical competitions, including the Primary and UK Intermediate and Junior mathematical challenges taken annually which help to prepare our children for the multitude of external entrance examinations that are taken throughout the school Years. The children are prepared for the three tiers of the Common Entrance examinations which are taken at the end of Year 8 with a variety of approaches to teaching and learning. End of topic tests and examinations are taken each academic year to track the children's progressive development with their mathematical knowledge and understanding. The teaching of the subject allows enrichment opportunities to emerge and the children are able to take advantage of this and not only further their natural abilities in Mathematics but also in a variety of subjects that contain Mathematics.

A main aspect of the teaching of Mathematics involves the introduction to problem-solving which allows children to systematically approach a question and thus choose appropriate techniques for a solution. The children follow logically clearly expressed instructions and this enables them, we believe, to succeed in their mathematical learning and relate the subject to everyday life which gives them an important purpose to their learning.


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