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19th April Term begins
2nd May Bank Holiday - school closed
27th May Half-term begins
6th June Term resumes
8th July Term ends

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St George's School - Windsor Castle

Preparing for Scholarships


Preparing for Scholarships

Several pupils go on to take Music Scholarship Awards at their selected secondary schools.


Candidates will be assessed for potential, based on what they can do already, how long they have been learning the instrument, the speed of their progress and their degree of musicianship.

As a very general guide (which will certainly vary from school to school) music scholars are required to present on two instruments at Grade 5 standard or above, with Distinction, and to offer Grade 5 Theory. Singing is assessed, but as boys voices are likely to break, it is not all schools who will accept this as one of the scholarship instruments. Additional to this, will be their CV, listing musical experiences, involvement in orchestras and ensembles, and holiday courses. Some schools also require that scholars sit a written paper.

The Scholarship Pre-auditions take place in the first term of Year 8. The actual assessments are held in late January or the first week of February each year. Year 8 music scholarship pupils are given additional training in aural and composition (as appropriate) and in preparation for their interview.

The singing commitment of the Choristers leaves them with less time for instrumental practice, but they have so much to offer musically and the exposure to very challenging choral repertoire will have afforded them great musical experience, which is appealing to Directors of Music.

Parents are advised to discuss options with the Headmaster and the Director of Music as early as possible. It is also essential that they notify the Director of Music when they plan to visit the Music Department of a selected senior school. Visiting music teachers need to know in good time to prepare the children to present themselves at the highest possible standard.




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