Welcome to our website! Whether you are just browsing through the pages or perhaps looking for something more specific, I very much hope that you glean something of the ethos and character of this historic and celebrated school.

St George’s was founded in 1348 to educate the first choristers recruited to sing the services in the newly founded St George’s Chapel within the walls of Windsor Castle. This is a role we continue to fulfil to this day, nearly 670 years later! However, from that early foundation, we have grown and developed into a thriving and successful Prep School of some 350 girls and boys aged from 3 to 13.

We are very proud and mindful of our unique history, and we continue to celebrate the many successes and achievements of our current pupils. Each child is unique and special to us; we aim to identify the skills and talents in every girl and boy, providing them with a wide range of opportunities in which they can utilise and develop these gifts, a key aspect commented upon in the report from our most recent ISI Inspection in February 2016.

Of all the decisions we make as parents, perhaps one of the most important (and challenging!) is finding the right school for our children. Many prospective parents ask me about the ethos of St George’s; they want to know what makes us stand out from other schools. There are many responses that I can give them, but the main answer is that we are first and foremost, a family school, where each child does, indeed, matter to us and where our aims of developing happy, confident children who aspire to achieve of their very best are well met. But don’t just take my word for that, come and see us in action; talk to the children and my colleagues, look at the fantastic work going on and experience the unique ethos of St George’s for yourself.

I very much look forward to meeting you personally; you can be assured of a very warm welcome!

Chris McDade

Head Master